Four New Haven Public Schools Named to 2018 List of America’s Healthiest Schools

Four New Haven Public Schools have been named to the 2018 list of America’s Healthiest Schools by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, receiving national recognition for their commitment to students’ health and well-being.

 A total of 461 schools nationwide were selected based on a rigorous set of criteria—from availability of nutritious foods to access to quality physical education opportunities—as part of Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program. The four schools from New Haven, which serves 1965 students, are the only four schools in Connecticut to receive this recognition.

Christopher Columbus Family Academy, East Rock Magnet School, John C. Daniels International Communications Magnet School, and Lincoln-Bassett School have taken the following steps toward creating a healthier environment for both students and staff:

  • Promoting District health initiatives in school for students and staff
  • Facilitating health campaigns and competitions
  • Focusing on programs to enhance school health and safety, health education, health promotion for staff, nutrition services, physical education, and physical activity
  • Engaging family and community to promote health and wellness initiatives in and outside school

“Our entire community—parents, teachers, students and staff—has united around the importance of creating a healthy school,” said William Clark, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Chair of the District’s Wellness Committee. “We’re honored to receive this recognition from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and remain committed to advancing our school health improvement efforts even further over the coming years.”

“The schools and community have been working together to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to become healthy successful learners. Through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, our schools are creating healthier learning environments which focus on the whole child.  These supportive learning environments bolster students’ effective growth and development and social emotional well-being and help students grow to their full potential,” said Dr. Birks, Superintendent.

More information on NHPS Wellness activities including annual reports from the Coordinated School Health and School Based Health Center teams are available on the District’s Wellness website at

All of America’s Healthiest Schools have earned National Healthy Schools Awards, a prestigious achievement that celebrates schools that meet or exceed expert-recommended standards set by Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program for serving healthy meals and snacks, getting students moving more throughout the day, offering high-quality health and physical education and empowering school leaders to be healthy role models.

“The Healthy Schools Programs has served over 42,000 schools. Each one recognizes the academic, social and behavioral benefits of prioritizing student health,” said Brian Weaver, Chief Program Officer at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. “We’re proud to recognize the exceptional efforts of New Haven Public Schools for serving as a best-in-class example of what it means to create healthier environments for both students and staff.”

Any school can join Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program at no-cost to access trainings, resources and technical assistance by visiting  To view the complete list of America’s Healthiest Schools, visit

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In the photos: at the press-conference to honor the four New Haven schools.


Alicia Vignola,

administrative analyst


Photos by Sue Peters,

director of School Health Centers