Thank You, Mr. Clark!

This newsletter is dedicated to Will Clark, former COO of New Haven Public Schools. He has taken a position with Waterbury Public Schools and will be deeply missed by this department and so many others at NHPS. For over a decade, Mr. Clark has been the driving force behind making health and wellness a priority in this District and believed that supporting the “whole child” was essential to ensure that all students could reach their full potential in school and in life.  He was also the co-chair of the District Wellness Committee for 10 years.

Under his tenure and leadership:

  • Comprehensive K12 health education was instituted for the first time
  • Salad bars were introduced and school meals were improved with fresher and locally sourced food
  • School dental clinics were opened
  • School entry health compliance tripled among students
  • The annual district wellness Summit was established
  • Staff Wellness programs were developed
  • Family, fun and fitness nights were offered

These are just a few of the countless ways that Mr. Clark has improved our District and the health and lives of our students, staff and families. He supervised multiple departments that touched every student in some way: Food Service, Transportation, Security, Facilities, IT, and Health.

On behalf of the district, we extend a HUGE thank you to Mr. Clark for all he has done for the NHPS community and wish him great success and happiness in his new position, but do hope to see him at his favorite spots in his native New Haven!

The School Health & Wellness Team