School Health Centers

NHPS operates 17 school health centers (SHCs) and eight school dental clinics with five community partners:

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about School Health Centers

What is a School Health Center?

School Health Centers are located in the school and offer an integrative set of services by licensed clinicians that include medical, mental health, and in some schools, dental care to students during the school day who must attend the school AND be enrolled in the SHC.

What services are offered to students?


  • assessment, diagnosis and treatment of acute injuries and illnesses;
  • well-child physical exams and sports physicals;
  • immunizations;
  • prescribing medications;
  • laboratory testing;
  • chronic disease management (asthma, diabetes, obesity);
  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.


  • crisis intervention;
  • assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions;
  • individual, family and group therapy;
  • case management;
  • referral and follow-up for specialty care.


  • screens;
  • cleanings;
  • exams;
  • sealants;
  • fluoride varnish;
  • X-rays;
  • fillings - by dentist;
  • referrals.

How can my child receive services in the SHC?

  1. Any student who attends a school with a SHC is eligible for services.
  2. Parents must complete a permission form for their child to receive any SHC or dental services.
  3. Please click HERE to access SHC and dental permission forms. Return completed forms to your child’s SHC.

Will the SHC replace my child’s doctor, counselor or dentist?

No. These are additional services available to your child during school hours so your child can stay in school and you don’t need to miss work or bring your child to a provider during school hours. Our clinicians consult with student’s regular providers as needed.

Does it cost anything for these services?

No. Parents will never receive a bill for SHC/dental services. NHPS and/or our partner agencies will, however, bill your child’s health insurance company for eligible services.

Links to SHC and Dental Permission Forms and Brochures

  • SHC Permission Form (English)
  • SHC Permission Form (Spanish)
  • SHC Brochure (English)
  • SHC Brochure (Spanish)
  • Dental Permission form (one form – English-Spanish)
  • Dental brochure (one brochure - English-Spanish)

Which schools have SHCs and how do I contact them?

Augusta Lewis Troup School (K-8)

(475) 220-3076

Barnard Environmental Studies School (Pre-K-8)

(475) 220-3584

Brennan Rogers School of Communications and Media (Pre-K-8)

(203) 946-2934

Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy (K-8)

(475) 220-7617

Clinton Avenue School (K-8)

(475) 220-3318

Davis Street Arts and Academics School (Pre-K-8)

(475) 220-7815

Fair Haven School (K-8)

(475) 220-2643

Hill Central Music Academy (Pre-K-8)

(475) 220-6119

John Martinez School (K-8)

(475) 220-2017

King Robinson Inter-District Magnet School (Pre-K-8)

(475) 220-2791

Lincoln Bassett School (K-6)

(475) 220-8516

Mauro Sheridan Science, Tech. and Communications School (Pre-K-8)

(475) 220-2815

Truman School (K-8)

(475) 220-2122

Riverside Academy (9-12)

(475) 220-6704

Hill Regional Career High School

(475) 220-5041

James Hillhouse High School

(475) 220-7555

Wilbur Cross High School

(475) 220-7444

Which school have dental clinics?

  • Augusta Lewis Troup School (K-8)
  • Barnard Environmental Studies School (Pre-K-8)
  • King Robinson Inter-District Magnet School (Pre-K-8)
  • Hill Central Music Academy (Pre-K-8)
  • Truman School (K-8)

How do school SHC/dental services help me and my child?

  • Little or no missed school time for students
  • No missed work time or parents
  • No transportation problems
  • No language barriers
  • Continuity of care
  • Better dental health – fewer cavities

For more information contact:

Sue Peters, APRN, MPH, RN

Director, School Health Centers/Dental Program